One step further…my talk at Ithaca College

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Ithaca College Careers in Sports Symposium on the beautiful campus of Ithaca Collegein Ithaca, N.Y.

Thanks to Dr. Ellen Staurowski, I had the privilege to speak to about 30 of the graduate students in Sport Management, Ithaca College’s students in the Sport Management program on Friday where I presented a a talk called, ‘one step further’ (click here to download the deck)

The main message for the students was no matter what they decided to do to prepare for their career in sports, or to ‘make it worth it’ , they need to take it one step further to get the job and position they want. I was able to highlight some of my friends who have taken it one step further, including Alex Kotler, Kristin Adams and Chris Keem (more to come when I adapt the slides for my next talk!)

I decided to present using the “Lessig Method’ which calls for using slides filled with text or pictures to illustrate your points as you go along (in my case, 290 slides). I like to think of it as a ‘living deck’.

I unfortunately didn’t do a good job setting up my camera beforehand and was able to capture the talk on video but with no view of the slides and a faint ability to hear me. However, one of the students, Michael Lee, was kind enough to snap some really great photos during the talk and after. (Thanks Michael).

The feedback from the students and staff was great. One student in particular told me that I “ruined powerpoint for him forever.” I’ll take that as a good sign.

Using the Lessig Style for the first time, I noticed the students remained engaged throughout the entire talk, even after 35 minutes. I consider myself a pretty dynamic speaker, but the slides helped to keep the high energy and the material coming.

Careers in Sport Symposium

Saturday was the actual Careers in Sport Symposium and was on a Sports Associations panel with Amy Gush, Executive Director of NYS West (who will no doubt see this article on google) and Bill Moore, the Head of the New York State Golf Association.

We had two hour long panels in which I realized the utter futility of trying to explain my 100 jobs I’ve had in soccer over the past year. Both Amy and Bill made some great points with regards to what students need to do to land a job in the sports industry as well as giving them solid advice for the future.

The entire symposium was very well attended and extremely well run. The students also held a tailgate afterwards which was in conjunction with a Ithaca College home football game. This was a fantastic way to cap off the weekend’s events.

I’d like to thank Dr. Ellen Staurowski for arranging the talk with her students. Also a thanks and a ‘I look forward to working with you later’ to Kyle Woody.

PS. If you are reading this and a student I spoke to, PLEASE stay in touch and get a hold of me if I can be of any help. Seriously.

PPS. If you are interested in having me come speak at your school, event or other, get in touch!

(h/t to Michael Lee for the photos)

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